The latest X-ray pass optimization and high-speed/precision electronics

Tanaka Scientific Limited launched a new total sulfur analyzer for petroleum products. Model fxe-400s is Tanaka's latest EDXRF sulfur analyzer equipped with an optimized X-ray pass and a high precision preamplifier developed through collaboration with Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). JAEA's simulation technology and high speed/high precision electronics have been utilized.

*High Precision: Thanks to the simulation, a filter for unwanted signal from X-ray tube was eliminated. Together with the adoption of newly-designed low background proportional counter, S/N ratio of the sulfur signal was improved significantly. The fxe-400s attained 5 mg/kg of LOD with low power X-ray source(0.85W).

*Easy operation: Interactive computer program, wide color LCD screen, and ergonomically designed user interface help ease of operation.

With the addition of this new model, Tanaka now has a full line up of X-ray sulfur analyzers to cover the varied requirements in petroleum industry., including requirements for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels, Gasoline, Fuel oils and Marine fuels.