Since the foundation in 1892, Tanaka Scientific Limited has been engaged in manufacturing and sales of scientific instruments, through which we have contributed to the progress of science and technology. During the latter half of 1950s, Tanaka drew its main focus to the petroleum testing apparatus, and ever since then we have been delivering high quality and user friendly instruments to mostly the quality testing laboratories at refineries as well as non-petroleum sectors.

Petroleum products, such as motor gasoline, diesel fuel and lubricating oils, are checked for specification at various stages including refining, distribution, storage, and quite often consumption and disposal. Since petroleum products are international commodities, most of them are tested for specification using the internationally agreed standard test methods. As a result, petroleum testing apparatus itself has a nature of international commodities.


In fact Tanaka's petroleum testing apparatus are used at petroleum testing labs worldwide and reputed highly. Amongst the series of Tanaka products, automated flash point testers are widely known for the ease of use and high reliability. Other than the high quality products that Tanaka delivers are the know-hows on petroleum testing as well as the quick field services through the highly skilled distributors' network.

In 1976, Tanaka released the first CPU embedded automated flash point tester. (The CPU embedded in this Tanaka product was "MOS Technology 6502", which was also used in APPLE II computer by late Steven Jobs and his team. The release date of APPLE II was April, 1977.) Ever since then, Tanaka has been pioneering in this arena. The technologies involved in the automated petroleum testers include: mechanical design, sensors, electronics, software, methodologies in/around petroleum testing, and last but not least ergonomics.

Another area Tanaka Scientific has been committed is the standardization of petroleum test methods. We have been actively involved in the standard making and maintenance processes at Japan Industrial Standard(JIS) since 1968, ISO TC28 since 1983, and ASTM International since 1982. As a leading manufacturer, Tanaka Scientific has proposed some new test methods at these organizations, and some have been adopted and now preferred by number of world-class users for the better precision and higher laboratory productivity.

Flash Point Testers

A tester that automates the flash point tester

See 5 models
エーベル密閉式自動引火点試験器 abl-8afc / abl-8lfc
Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

abl-8 is an automated Abel Closed Cup flash point tester.

タグ密閉式自動引火点試験器 atg-8wfc / atg-8afc / atg-8lfc
Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

atg-8 is an automated Tag Closed flash point tester.

Automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

apm-100 is an automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup flash point tester.

Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

aco-8 is an automated Cleveland Open Cup flash point tester.

Small Scale Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

asc-8 is an automated Small Scale Closed Cup flash point tester.

自動蒸留試験器 ad-7
Distillation Tester

A tester that automates the atmospheric distillation test method

Pour / Cloud / Freezing Point Tester

A tester to determine POUR POINT (PP) and CLOUD POINT (CP) with small specimen size and shorter tes…

自動目詰まり点試験器 AFP-102
CFPP Tester

A tester to determine Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) of diesel fuel

自動アニリン点試験器 aap-6
Aniline Point Tester

A tester to determine aniline point for wide range of samples

Softening Point Tester

A tester to determine softening point of bitumen by using Ring-and Ball apparatus

ミクロ残留炭素分試験器 acr-m3mk2
Micro Carbon Residue Tester

A tester that automates the vaporizing / coking process of Micro carbon residue test

Reid Method Vapor Pressure Tester

A tester to determine Reid vapor pressure (RVP) utilizing a miniaturized cylinder.

Sulfur Analyzers

A fluorescent X-ray analyzer that analyzes total sulfur in petroleum products.

See 3 models
エネルギー分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 rx-630SA
EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer (12 positions)

rx-630SA determines total sulfur in petroleum products using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (…

エネルギー分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 RX-360SH
EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer

RX-360SH is a single test version of X-ray sulfur meter taking the same measuring principle as that…

波長分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 FX-700 Mk2
WDXRF Sulfur Analyzer

FX-700 Mk2 determines total sulfur in ultra low sulfur fuels using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluo…

分光式石油製品色試験器 OME 7700
Colorimeter for Petroleum Products

A tester to determine 4 kinds of Colors, utilizing the Tri-Stimulus values from spectroscopy method 

Cloud Point Tester for Surfactants

A tester to determine cloud point test of nonionic surfactants

Data File Export System

PC software that outputs test data to a file from Tanaka instruments