Data File Export System TFES

Data File Export System
Data File Export System

Tanaka File Export System (TFES) is a PC software that collects test data from Tanaka instruments and saves it to a designated folder as a text or CSV file.
If a LIMS or other data management systems are set up to collect the data from the folder, the data can be incorporated into LIMS.

*Tanaka does not support set up of LIMS 

Applicable Products

  • All Tanaka Products after 7 Series Flash Point Tester


  • Collect test data from Tanaka instruments.
  • Create file of test data (.txt, .csv).
  • Save the file to a designated local data collection folder.
  • Up to 10 instruments can be connected.

System Requirements

Device Windows PC
OS Windows 10 / Windows 11
CPU 1 GHz or more
RAM 8GB or more
Storage 64GB or more
Network LAN Connection
Serial Port When RS-232C connection is used (USB-Serial Converter is also available)


Software Petroleum/Refining/Pipeline Lubricants Biofuels Tires/Rubber Electric/Power Plants Aviation Asphalt/Bitumen/Resin Paint/Ink Food/Edible Oils and Fats Cosmetics/Fragrances Waste Treatment/Oil Recycling Automotive Petrochemical/Solvents Crude Oil Industrial Gasoline Motor Gasoline Kerosene Diesel Oil Fuel Oil Jet Fuel/SAF Biodiesel Lubricants Asphalt AASHTO T48 ASTM ASTM D156 ASTM D1209 ASTM D1500 ASTM D1544 ASTM D36 ASTM D56 ASTM D86 ASTM D92 ASTM D93 ASTM D97 ASTM D323 ASTM D611 ASTM D850 ASTM D1078 ASTM D2024 ASTM D2622-05 ASTM D2500 ASTM D3828 ASTM D4294-03 ASTM D4530 ASTM D5386 ASTM D6371 ASTM D6493 ASTM D6749 ASTM D7236 ASTM D7683 ASTM E28 ISO 918 ISO 1516 ISO 1523 ISO 2049 ISO 2592 ISO 2719 ISO 2977 ISO 3007 ISO 3015 ISO 3016 ISO 3405 ISO 3679 ISO 3680 ISO 4630 ISO 6271 ISO 8754 ISO 10370 ISO 13736 ISO 15267 ISO 20884 ISO 21493 IP 34 IP 36 IP 58 IP 69 IP 123 IP 170 IP 195 IP 304 IP 309 IP 534 JIS K 0066 JIS K 2207 JIS K 2254 JIS K 2256 JIS K 2258-1 JIS K 2265-1 JIS K 2265-2 JIS K 2265-3 JIS K 2265-4 JIS K 2269 JIS K 2270-2 JIS K 2288 JIS K 2425 JIS K 2435-1/2/3 JIS K 2541-4 JIS K 2541-7 JIS K 2580 JIS K 5601-2-3 EN 1427 EN 116 GOST 2177
Flash Point Testers

A tester that automates the flash point tester

See 5 models
エーベル密閉式自動引火点試験器 abl-8afc / abl-8lfc
Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

abl-8 is an automated Abel Closed Cup flash point tester.

タグ密閉式自動引火点試験器 atg-8wfc / atg-8afc / atg-8lfc
Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

atg-8 is an automated Tag Closed flash point tester.

Automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

apm-100 is an automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup flash point tester.

Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

aco-8 is an automated Cleveland Open Cup flash point tester.

Small Scale Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

asc-8 is an automated Small Scale Closed Cup flash point tester.

自動蒸留試験器 ad-7
Distillation Tester

A tester that automates the atmospheric distillation test method

Pour / Cloud / Freezing Point Tester

A tester to determine POUR POINT (PP) and CLOUD POINT (CP) with small specimen size and shorter tes…

自動目詰まり点試験器 AFP-102
CFPP Tester

A tester to determine Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) of diesel fuel

自動アニリン点試験器 aap-6
Aniline Point Tester

A tester to determine aniline point for wide range of samples

Softening Point Tester

A tester to determine softening point of bitumen by using Ring-and Ball apparatus

ミクロ残留炭素分試験器 acr-m3mk2
Micro Carbon Residue Tester

A tester that automates the vaporizing / coking process of Micro carbon residue test

Reid Method Vapor Pressure Tester

A tester to determine Reid vapor pressure (RVP) utilizing a miniaturized cylinder.

Sulfur Analyzers

A fluorescent X-ray analyzer that analyzes total sulfur in petroleum products.

See 3 models
エネルギー分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 rx-630SA
EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer (12 positions)

rx-630SA determines total sulfur in petroleum products using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (…

エネルギー分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 RX-360SH
EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer

RX-360SH is a single test version of X-ray sulfur meter taking the same measuring principle as that…

波長分散蛍光X線硫黄分析計 FX-700 Mk2
WDXRF Sulfur Analyzer

FX-700 Mk2 determines total sulfur in ultra low sulfur fuels using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluo…

分光式石油製品色試験器 OME 7700
Colorimeter for Petroleum Products

A tester to determine 4 kinds of Colors, utilizing the Tri-Stimulus values from spectroscopy method 

Cloud Point Tester for Surfactants

A tester to determine cloud point test of nonionic surfactants

Data File Export System

PC software that outputs test data to a file from Tanaka instruments