Kinematic Viscosity Measuring System


AKV-202 Kinematic Viscosity Measuring System

Model AKV-202 has been designed for automatic determination of Kinematic Viscosity.

Once sample is set, the series of process including timing, cleaning/drying, and reporting are fully automated.

AKV-202 is an economical bench top system which saves not only the technicians' time but also valuable laboratory floor space.

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Test Methods lSO 3104, ASTM D445, IP71, etc.
Type bench top automatic KV measuring system with 2 viscometers in 1 bath
Range 1 to 10,000mm²/s
Viscometers modified Lanz-Zeitfuchs type
Bath temp preset at 25, 40, 50, 80 and 100°C
(+1 temp point available as option between 20-100°C)
Size / dry weight 530(W) × 560(D) × 930(H) mm / 75kg
Power consumption 2.2kW